Dual Credit Connection

Identity and web design


Dual Credit Connection is a program designed to assist high school teachers find the proper courses to allow them to be eligible to teach dual credit classes to high school students. Since there are many universities across the state of Indiana that teach dual credit courses, it can be difficult to find a course that fits in the teacher’s schedule. A website would be created that would allow teachers to search through course catalogs from these different universities and would then be guided to the university’s website upon selection.


I worked with two other designers to create an identity system for the program. Since nearly all major universities in the state of Indiana were involved, it was important to create something that would not be visually representative of any one specific institution.

We then create a website that followed the newly created guidelines that would allow high school teachers to find a course that best suited their needs. Constant communication with representatives of every university involved was mandatory to ensure that everyone’s input was considered in order to create the most concise website.

Later, I helped pitch our website designs to university representatives, where we answered questions and gathered feedback to implement into the designs before development.


The Division of Marketing and Communications at Ball State University


January 2018–present

Skills & Tools

Web design, responsive design, HTML, CSS, PHP, Flexbox, SVG, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, Balsamiq Cloud