Ball State Field Trips

App design and Illustration


In 2016, a project formerly known as Electronic Field Trips was brought back to life as Ball State Field Trips in order to teach elementary school children about Indiana’s bicentennial. With a new identity system, Ball State Field trips consisted of an educational app for kids, a marketing website, a website with instructor materials for teachers to use in the classroom, print materials, wearable merchandise, and a live show centered around teaching Indiana’s history. The project got the attention of over 250 educators and 6,000 elementary school students across 91 different cities in Indiana.


Following the new brand guidelines, I helped design and develop a few of the activities for the educational app. Additionally, I illustrated a number of the badges in the app. These badges acted stickers in a travel book to mark certain lessons that have been explored.

For the live show, I worked in the production truck. My task consisted of keeping an organized list of all the visual assets to be used during the show, such as name cards or fun fact pop ups, and make sure they were pushed out and played at the correct times mentioned in the script.

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  • AIGA Blue Ridge’s Annual Flux Student Design Competition︎
  • W3 Awards: Gold & Silver︎


Ball State University


August 2016–December 2016

Skills & Tools

Adobe Illustrator, HTML, CSS, and Javascript