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Website restructure and custom widgets


During the launch of the new identity system for Ball State University, work begin on the school’s website to not only update it visually, but to update the content as well. The Digital Corps worked with the Division of Marketing and Communications at Ball State University to help with the restructure by auditing the content of two of the eight colleges, the Miller College of Business and the College of Communication, Information, and Media.


For this project, I had many different roles to play, one of which was a designer. Each department needed a new landing page, so I was tasked with helping create these. I was given an example wireframe to follow as a guide and created different layouts and elements while following the university’s identity guidelines.

All the content under each department needed to be sorted through and consolidated. My team and I worked closely with representatives from each department to go through the content and help eliminate unnecessary content and merge other sections together. We created new sitemaps base off our new content for each department.

Once all the content was finalized, we rebuilt these sections of the website using Sitecore, the university’s content management system.

Because of my extensive work using Sitecore, I was later recruited to create custom elements that did not already exist in the existing system. I helped design and develop a calculator to live on the financial aid section of the website to help incoming freshman know what scholarships they could be eligible for before enrollment.

Scholarship Calculator


The Division of Marketing and Communications at Ball State University


January 2018–present

Skills & Tools

Web design, responsive design, HTML, CSS, PHP, Flexbox, SVG, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, Balsamiq Cloud